25 Years of Polarstern Hydrography (1982-2007)

Since her commissioning in 1982 RV Polarstern has been operating in the Arctic and Antarctic to carry out scientific research. Between November and March she usually sails to and around the waters of the Antarctic, while the northern summer months are spent in Arctic waters. But also during transits between Bremerhaven and South Africa or South America long-term observations have regularly been performed by using a.o. XBT (Expendable Bathythermograph), CTD (Conductivity, Temperature, Depth), and Thermosalinograph which are standard instruments to carry out hydrographic measurements and are part of the standard instrumentation on board Polarstern. This report presents XBT and CTD profiles as well as sea surface temperature and salinity data recorded with Thermosalinograph during Polarstern cruises. In the framework of physical oceanographic studies the measurements were performed as part of international projects (e.g. like WOCE) or to support multidisciplinary studies. The "download dataset" link will load an iso-image (665 MB) to burn the data CD on a local computer.



CC BY 4.0