Alkenone-based SST measurements from MIS 3 to MIS 11 in the northwestern Mediterranean Sea

Here we present a Sea Surface Temperature (SST) record based on the Uk'37 index from the PRGL 1 borehole (Promess1) drilled on the upper slope of the Gulf of Lions (GL). This is the first continuous and high-resolution record in the northwestern Mediterranean Sea from MIS 3 to MIS 11. Due the location of the GL, the SST proxy can be considered to be a reliable tool to study the climate link between high and middle latitudes. During glacial inceptions, the northern ice-sheet signal via cold northwesterly winds was first recorded in our study area in comparison with southern locations, highlighting the strong sensitivity of this location to high-latitude dynamics. Moreover, the amplitude of the millennial-scale variability in the western Mediterranean basin seems to be the result of both ice-sheet and insolation variability.



CC BY 4.0