Curie temperatures and cell edges of ODP Leg 120 samples (Table 1)

Basalt samples recovered on Ocean Drilling Program Leg 120 from the Kerguelen Plateau were investigated by thermomagnetic analysis, X-ray diffraction, and ore microscopy. The basement samples could be divided into two groups based on Curie temperatures, cell-edge parameters, and optical magnetic mineralogy. Samples from Sites 748 and 750 underwent only low-temperature oxidation and displayed Curie temperatures for the titanomaghemites that ranged from 340° to 395°C. The basalts from Sites 747 and 749 mainly experienced high-temperature oxidation. High-temperature oxidation produced titanium-poor titanomagnetites with ilmenite-exsolution lamellae. Curie temperatures of the deuterically oxidized titanomaghemites varied from 490° to 620°C.



CC BY 4.0