Digital Elevation Model from raw CoSSC TanDEM-X data (2015) in the area of Trail Valley Creek, Northwest Territories, Canada

We have generated a digital elevation model (DEM) of an area between the town of Inuvik and Eskimo Lakes near the Mackenzie Delta, Northwest Territories, Canada. We used seven TanDEM-X CoSSC pairs, acquired in summer 2015 during the TanDEM-X Science Phase, and provide here the mean elevation of the seven produced DEMs (GeoTIFF raster). The processing was based on differential SAR interferometry with the use of ArcticDEM as reference. We also provide the standard deviation map of the seven DEMs (GeoTIFF raster) as a quality indicator. The final mean DEM was validated against DGPS measurements. Height values are given in meters in reference to ellipsoid (WGS84). The pixel size of the products is 10 m. The coordinate reference system is UTM Zone 8N WGS84. Detailed description of the TanDEM-X data, interferometric processing, and the validation is given in the attached metadata file.