Faunal abundances of the biodiversity integration study of seep associated benthic biota (unformated data collection)

2019-11-23T18:46:41Z (GMT) by Marina Ribeiro Cunha
These files contain in total 15 individual data sets related to various projects for instance HERMES, HERMIONE or LusoMarBoL. Detailed information (including Abstract, Authors etc.) to each of the datasets are found in the corresponding word files but the data themselves are grouped the uploaded excel-file (DBUA-data). The data are already assigned to the corresponding PANGAEA EvenLabel and list EvenLabel list provided by the author just as information. These data are also part of the HERMIONE seep biodiversity integration approach. 2 tables (xlsx) and 14 text files (docx) representing results from various publications.



CC BY 4.0