Global chlorophyll a surface concentrations for diatoms, coccolithophores and cyanobacteria as the synergistic SynSenPFT product combined PhytoDOAS and OC-PFT for the period of time August 2002 - April 2012, links to NetCDF files

The SynSenPFT product is presented as chlorophyll "a" concentrations (Chla) for diatoms, coccolithophores and cyanobacteria (some of the phytoplankton functional types, PFT) obtained globally over the World Ocean on a 4 km sinusoidal grid on a daily basis over the period of August 2002 - March 2012. The SynSenPFT is a synergistic combination of the PFT products of initial-input OC-PFT (Hirata et al., 2011, Soppa et al., 2014) applied to total chlorophyll "a" (TChla) data of Ocean Colour Climate Change Initiative (OC-CCI, Version 2, ESA) and PhytoDOAS (Bracher et al., 2009, Sadeghi et al., 2012) version 3.3 available at doi:10.1594/PANGAEA.870486 with an optimal interpolation (OI). The OI method is applied to OC-PFT and PhytoDOAS Chla products of diatoms, cyanobacteria (called prokarytoes by the OC-PFT method) and haptophytes (for OC-PFT) and coccolithophores (for PhytoDOAS). Note that OC-PFT retrieves haptophytes while PhytoDOAS retrieves coccolithophores, a (often dominating) sub-group of haptophytes. Algorithmically, the SynSenPFT is an update of OC-PFT Chla with PhytoDOAS Chla values weighted in accordance to our degree of belief to both initial-input data products. Within the current version of SynSenPFT algorithm the update is done for every sub-pixel of OC-PFT within a PhytoDOAS pixel. Thus, SynSenPFT in every OC-PFT sub-pixel on average is nudged towards PhytoDOAS values as close as allowed by the prescribed PhytoDOAS and OC-PFT error statistics. File names: syn_glb_level3_ (organized in a similar to OC-CCI way given the 4 km sinusoidal grid) Variables:- diatom_concentration [mg Chl a/m**3]- coccolithophores_concentration [mg Chl a/m**3]- cyanobacteria_concentration [mg Chl a/m**3]



CC BY 4.0