Integrated Data Sets of the DFG Research Project SFB 313, Environmental Change: The Northern North Atlantic

During the years 1985 to 1998 a special research project (SFB313) was carried out at the Christian Albrechts University, Kiel named ‚Sedimentation im europäischen Nordmeer' (1985-1990), later renamed ‚Veränderungen der Umwelt: Der nördliche Nordatlantik' (1990-1998, The Northern North Atlantic, a Changing Environment). Most of the data coming out from the SFB313 have been compiled, harmonized and archived in the PANGAEA information system. With the first volume of the ‚WDC-MARE Reports ' a consistent collection of 1186 datasets with related metadata was exported from PANGAEA and is published on CD-ROM. The link below will load an iso-image which allows to burn this CD. The "download dataset" link will load an iso-image (106 MB) to burn the data CD on a local computer.



CC BY 4.0