LiDAR elevation data of Yukon Coast and Herschel Island in 2012, links to Shapefiles and TIFF images

Platform: Device: VQ580 laser scanner; Aircraft: POLAR 5; Flight height: around 200 m; Swath width: around 200 m; Point spacing: 0.5 m; Weather conditions: Weather was cloudy with cloud base around 200 m a.s.l. Air temperature ranged between 10 and 12 °C with wind speed ranging from 15 to 19 km h-1 from easterly direction (70 - 90°). Raster properties: Horizontal resolution: 1m; Vertical accuracy: 0.15 m; Point interpolation: inverse distance weighting (IDW) with 10 m radius; Coordinate system: NAD83 UTM zone 7 Raster layers are divided in to 9 sections in order to reduce raster size.



CC BY 4.0