Physical properties, sedimentation rates, and accumulation rates of bottom sediments from the Laptev Sea collected during SPASIBA-91 Russian-French Program

2019-11-22T20:20:19Z (GMT) by Vladimir M Kuptsov Alexander P Lisitzin
Humidity and wet and dry bulk densities were determined for bottom sediments of the Lena River marginal filter within a 700 km section from the outer boundary of the river delta. Earlier determinations of suspended matter concentration in water, material and grain-size composition and age of sediments were made along the same section. Sediment matter fluxes (accumulation rates), their changes in space and time (about 14 ka) were inferred from measurements of physical parameters. A correlation was found between the physical parameters of bottom sediments and changes in the Lena river marginal filter including those caused by sea-level fluctuations.



CC BY 4.0