Sedimentary parameters from multicorer and ROV pushcore samples during SONNE cruise SO239

This dataset contains sedimentary data collected from multicore (MUC) and ROV pushcore (PUC) samples in several license areas of the Clarion Clipperton fracture Zone (northeast Pacific), an area currently being explored in the light of future polymetallic nodule mining. Seafloor samples were collected onboard RV Sonne during expedition SO239 in 2015. Sedimentary parameters have been measured at different license areas (IOM, GSR, IFREMER) and one Area of Particular Environmental Interest (APEI#3). Cores have been analysed in sediment slices of 1 cm down to 5 cm sediment depth, except for some MUC samples that were sliced in 0-1 cm and 1-5 cm resolution. Sediment parameters include pigment data (chlorophyll a, phaeopigments and total chloroplastic pigment equivalents), grain size distribution and total nitrogen (TN), organic carbon (TOC) and organic matter (TOM). Values are given in their respective units (SI) and have been collected and measured by both the Marine Biology Research Group (UGent; TN/TOC/TOM and grain size) and the Max Planck Institute for Marine Microbiology (MPI; pigment data).



CC BY 4.0