Upwelling spectral radiance as measured in different depths at radiometer station PS73/054-2 (corrected version)

In the previous upwelling radiance (Lu) profile data set (doi:10.1594/PANGAEA.820812), Lu data were wrongly shifted by 3 nm (which responds to the originally resolution of the measurement). The results of the publications related to these data were not affected. Taylor et al. 2013 investigated only Lu data incorrectly shifted by 3 nm, so the analysis was consistent within itself. Taylor et al. 2011 and Bracher et al. 2015 used the remote sensing reflectance (RRS) data calculated from the incorrectly shifted Lu data. The resulting RRS data only showed inconsistencies were the incoming downwelling irradiance changes quickly with wavelengths, which resulted erroneous features <430 nm. We have used both versions (previous and the one presented here) Lu and RRS data and got the same results since the wrong features <430 nm are consistent and are neither used for the hierarchical cluster analysis (only data >430 nm are considered) performed in Taylor et al. 2011 nor for the pigment predictions (since these features are contained in the first empirical orthogonal function) in Bracher et al. 2015.



CC BY 4.0