Water level and storage changes of Zhuonai lake during 2000‒2017

Following information is included: 1) Date of the data acquisition time in the form of yyyy-mm-dd. 2) Lake water levels are orthometric heights with respect to EGM96, WGS84, in the unit of meter. 3) Uncertainty of the lake water level in the unit of meter, if it is altimetry water level. The uncertainty of optical water levels was not calculated and set to 0. 4) Lake water storage changes with respect to the baseline (lake water storage of the water level baseline H0, which is a value we do not exactly know; see https://doi.pangaea.de/10.1594/PANGAEA.898409) in the unit of km^3. 5) The source of the data, 0 - Landsat, 1 - Envisat, 2 - ICESat, 3 - CryoSat, 4 - Jason-1/2/3.