(Table 1) Occurrence of Pithonella species in DSDP Leg 74 Holes

2019-11-23T06:12:04Z (GMT) by Dieter K Fütterer
Two new species, three new forms in open nomenclature and two previously known species of the genus Pithonella (sensu Bolli, 1974), attributed to the dinoflagellate family Peridiniaceae are described from Upper Cretaceous to lower Pleistocene sediments of the Walvis Ridge, southeastern Atlantic Ocean. It is the first time that pithonelloid calcareous dinoflagellates are described from sediment younger than early Paleocene. F, few (5-15 specimens); R, rare (1-5 specimens); r, very rare (less than 1 whole specimen); ?, unknown.



CC BY 4.0