(Table 1) Stable isotope ratios of Globigerinoides ruber and pore water, and Cl measurement at ODP Hole 133-817C

2019-11-23T00:14:40Z (GMT) by Peter K Swart
The oxygen isotopic composition of pore waters squeezed from sediments in Hole 817C co-varies with the oxygen isotopic composition of Globigerinoides ruber below 8 mbsf. The magnitude of the variation in the pore water d18O is approximately 30% of the variation in the foraminifers. Overall, the d18O of the pore waters increases down the core, a trend that is also present in the Cl- concentrations. The variations in the d18O of pore waters may be the result of either of two phenomena. First, these may reflect original variations in the waters, the magnitude of which has been subsequently reduced by process of diffusion. Second, these may reflect recrystallization of the precursor sediment and isotopic exchange between the fluids and the recrystallized sediment. At the moment data are not available to ascertain which process is responsible although the correlation between the Cl- and the d18O data suggests that these values reflect the original composition modified by diffusion.



CC BY 4.0