(Table 1, page 220), Spot chemical analyses of a section of nodule 5133.7

2019-07-16T09:04:59Z (GMT) by David S Cronan J S Tooms
Microscopic and electron probe examination of some manganese nodules show that they consist of segregations of manganese-iron oxides in an interstitial material almost free of manganese but rich in iron and silicates. The segregations are widely spaced in the volcanic cores of the nodules but become more abundant towards their outer crusts where they form the centres of linked polygons of interstitial materials. Most of the minor elements are concentrated in the segregations compared to the interstitial materials. It is suggested that the structures observed result partly from solution and reprecipitation of elements in the original volcanic cores of the nodules and partly from the replacement and coating of these cores by manganese-iron oxides precipitated from sea water. The analyses cover each an area of 2 km**2.



CC BY 4.0