(Table 2) Age determination of plagioclase, biotite and hornblende from blue tuffs an related strata of ODP Leg 127 samples

2019-11-22T22:09:23Z (GMT) by David A Barnes Peter Thy Paul Renne
Plagioclase grains from Site 794B were degassed at 0.3 W laser power output before fusion to help remove atmospheric Ar contamination. These data are corrected for mass discrimination, radioactive decay nucleogenic interferences, procedural blanks, and atmospheric contamination. 37Ar,38 Ar, and 39Ar as used to refer to the proportion of these isotopes derived by neutron activation of Ca, Cl, and K, respectively. Reported errors reflect uncertainties accrued from all corrections plus regression of isotopic data. Errors in the apparent ages do not reflect uncertainty in the age of the standard.



CC BY 4.0