(Table 3) AMS Radiocarbon ages of South Pacific sediment cores

2019-11-23T15:55:36Z (GMT) by Katsumi Matsumoto Jean Lynch-Stieglitz
For prediction of range of 14C ages, we assigned the following l4C ages to the P. wuellerstorfi found at the core depth from which the radiocarbon sample was taken. 4.5 ka to the Holocene, an average age of sediment mixed layer (Penget al., 1979), 18 ka to LGM, 11 ka to deglacial stage, and 40 ka to marine isotopic stage 3. P. wuellerstorfi with intermediate d18OO values could not be classified as either Holocene or LGM and were assumed to be of deglacial age or stage 3 age. Two sets of calculations were done: one with all intermediate value P. wuellerstorfi assumed to be from deglacial stage (this gives the lower age limit) and another with all assumed to be from stage 3 (the upper limit). Radiocarbon measurements were made on shells larger than 300 ftm at the National Science Foundation-Arizona Accelerator Mass Spectrometer (AMS) Facility at the University of Arizona. All dates are reservoir- age corrected using the natural 14C reservoir ages of Pacific surface waters (Bard, 1988).



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