(Table 5) Distribution of calcareous nannofossils in the Paleocene of ODP Hole 113-690C

2019-11-22T18:40:14Z (GMT) by James J Pospichal Sherwood W Wise
Relative individual species abundance: V = very abundant (>10 specimens/field of view). A = abundant (1-10 specimens/field ov view), C = common (1 specimen/2-10 fields of view), F = few (1 specimen/11-100 fields of view), R = rare (1 specimen/101-1000 fields of view), P = present (only 1 specimen observed/slide). Reworked specimens are denoted by lower case letter. In Sample 113-690C-15X-4, 43-44 cm, specimens of Biantholithus sparsus, denoted by a lower case letter, are interpreted to have been displaced downward by bioturbation.



CC BY 4.0