(Table T1) Porosity and permeability of samples from ODP Leg 180 sites

2019-11-23T00:22:06Z (GMT) by Amy Kemerer Elizabeth J Screaton
Woodlark Basin, an area of continental extension, is an ideal location to study the evolution of permeability and the development of overpressures within an active rift basin. In this investigation, we measured sediment permeabilities of cores from Woodlark Basin and used numerical modeling to determine if pore fluid overpressures are likely at the base of the rift basin. Constant-rate flow tests were conducted on cores from Site 1108, located in the rift basin, and Sites 1115 and 1118, located on the northern margin of the basin. Results of the laboratory tests indicated permeabilities that range from 1.5 x 10**-18 to 1 x 10**-16 m**2. Results of the numerical modeling of Site 1108 suggest that overpressures due to sedimentation are unlikely. Sediment depth is given in mbsf. Please note that depth of sample 180-1118A-56R (denoted as 180-1118C-56R in the article) might be wrong.



CC BY 4.0