Results of nodule detection along AUV track SO242/1_102-1_AUV13 (Abyss_199) during SONNE cruise SO242/1

2019-11-23T20:57:44Z (GMT) by Timm Schoening
Images were acquired by the DeepSurvey Camera on board GEOMAR's AUV Abyss. Nodules were delineated by the CoMoNoD algorithm [see related to references]. Result files are computed per AUV dive. Nodule detections below 5cm^2 are neglected as are detections above 707cm^2. Abundance statistics are computed per m^2 and gridded per m^2 as well. For overlapping images, max-pooling has been applied to select the values reported in the result files. Pixel values in the rendered maps correspond to the units reported in the ASCI files (median-nodule-size: cm^2, nodule-number: m^-2, percent-coverage: %, sorting, skewness and pixel-contributions are unit-free).



CC BY 4.0