Secondary minerals and geochemistry in basalts at DSDP Leg 67 Legs

2019-11-24T02:03:02Z (GMT) by Victor B Kurnosov Alla Ya Shevchenko
Secondary minerals in basalts from Holes 495 and 500 include smectite and chlorite, both of which have partially replaced the basalt groundmass. In addition to these two minerals, amphibole, laumontite, albite, and a corrensitelike mineral are present in Holes 499B and 499C. Smectite, chlorite, talc, calcite, phillipsite, mica, and mixed-layer chlorite-montmorillonite also fill veins in the basalts of Hole 495. The secondary mineral assemblages from Site 499 are characteristic of the initial stage of greenschist facies metamorphism.



CC BY 4.0