Simulated global annual mean precipitation for Pre-Industrial and for 8 ka BP, link to model results in NetCDF format

In this data set we publish the simulated global annual mean precipitation over a time period of 50 years retrieved from equilibrium climate simulations for Pre-Industrial (PI) and 8 ka BP (HOL6) and utilized in the publication by Guagnin et al. (2016). The climate data has been produced with COSMOS (ECHAM5/JSBACH/MPIOM/OASIS3), utilized at a resolution of T31 in the atmosphere (19 hybrid sigma-pressure levels) and a resolution of GR30 (bipolar orthogonal curvilinear grid, formal resolution of ~3.0°x1.8°) in the ocean (40 z-coordinate levels). The only differences between the model setups of simulations PI and HOL6 are the settings of the Earth's orbital parameters and the atmosphere's constituents of trace gases, that have been set to the values representative for the respective time slice (see Table 1 of Guagnin et al. (2016) for details).



CC BY 4.0