The HERMES cold-water coral database

2019-11-23T15:45:28Z (GMT) by Ben De Mol
The HERMES cold-water coral database is a combination of historical and published sclerectinia cold-water coral occurrences (mainly Lophelia pertusa) and new records of the HERMES project along the European margin. This database will be updated if new findings are reported. New or historical data can be sent to Ben De Mol ( Besides geocodes a second category indicates the coral species and if they are sampled alive or dead. If absolute dating is available of the corals this is provide together with the method. Only the framework building cold-water corals are selected: Lophelia pertusa, Madrepora oculata and common cold-water corals often associated with the framework builders like: Desmophyllum sp and Dendrophylia sp. in comments other observed corals are indicated. Another field indicates if the corals are part of a large build-up or solitary. A third category of parameters is referencing to the quality of the represented data. In this category are the following parameters indicated: source of reference, source type (such as Fishermen location, scientific paper, cruise reports). sample code and or name and sample type (e.g. rock dredge, grab, video line). These parameters must allow an assessment of the quality of the described parameters.



CC BY 4.0